Charities & Designs

Hi all!

This page is currently a work in progress that I’m hoping to get done over December.

But basically the gist of this page will be that fact that for 2020 I’d like to kickstart and support at least one charity a month, there is one charity nearby that I want to support continuouslyΒΒ and I’d like to reach out to them soon and maybe volunteer and help.

I have a Ko-Fi account in which I’m raising money to print my designs etc which you can find here..Β

Once I’m able to sell my designs what I’d like to do is donate up to 50% of the profits to a charity in which I have chosen that month & if I’m able to donate more to a different charity as well I’d love to be able to do that to.

If there is a certain charity or idea that you think would be good please do let me know!

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