White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L Armentrout

It’s May Day! Happy 1st of May everyone, I thought I’d start the month off with a review of one of my favourite authors!

I discovered Jennifer L Armentrout a few years ago with her Lux series and fell in love with her writing and the world! I’ve always wanted to read White Hot Kiss but the old covers just never appealed to me and then suddenly they got an update and they’re now gorgeous so I ended up ordering the entire trilogy with my birthday money alongside The Burning Shadow and From Blood and Ash which I’m hella excited to read!

Anyway, White Hot Kiss is the first instalment in The Dark Elements trilogy, it originally came out in 2014 so I’ve gone back to an old favourite type of story, paranormal and demonsss! Jennifer L Armentrout does some amazing romances in her books as well, they’re just perfect.Β 

So our main character is Layla, she is half demon and half gargoyle, she has no idea about her origins, whom her parents were and she has unique abilities. She’s been crushing on Zayne forever however she’s sure he only sees her as a little sister, however she’s not able to kiss anyone due to the fact she’d end up stealing their soul.Β 

Until Roth appears, he knows all of Layla’s secrets, knows everything about her and who her mother is in the demon world, it’s hard to resist when a demon, Roth, is the only person she can kiss. Only to find out that she’s the reason why there’s an uprising within the demon world.

I just loved reading this one, I couldn’t get enough of it, and after that ending, I just knew I needed to carry on the series as soon as possible, I bought White Hot Kiss first to give it a go, I totally should’ve bought them all in one go but now I have them all I’m definitely bingeing the rest and possibly just having a Jennifer month, which isn’t bad.. I kinda want to reread the LUX series as well.. which I recommend.. as well as this one, you know what, just go read Jennifer’s books, you won’t regret it!!!Β 

I also discovered that even though it’s not needed, it would be a good idea to read this trilogy first so you know a bit more before going into Storm & Fury which has Zayne in it plus I wanted to read because the main character is going blind and I believe it’s something that I’ve got which will happen a long time in the future but y’know.

Have you read any Jennifer L Armentrout books?

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