The Eve Illusion by Giovanna & Tom Fletcher

Hello loves! I thought that I’d just do a quick review on The Eve Illusion, no spoilers, just a couple of my thoughts on it.

I recently bought Eve Illusion when I saw it in Asda for Β£7 on my birthday and just couldn’t resist! I adored Eve of Man when it came out and I ended up reading it as soon as I could 2 years ago, just before it was time for YALC (even though I ended up not meeting them😩)

Anyway, with the way that Eve of Man ended, I was DESPERATE for the sequel thinking it would come out in a year only to realise it wasn’t coming out for two years! I really hope that doesn’t happen with the third and final instalment because I need to know what happens next, please don’t make me wait another two years…Β 

I don’t know whether it’s because of the wait in between or whether it was the high hopes that I had for this, maybe even a mix of them both but I sadly ended up not enjoying this one as much as I did the first book, don’t get me wrong, it was still extremely easy to read and get through, I feel that this book is just a filler for what’s going to go down in the third book.

They managed to free Eve but then nothing really happens from this, no revolution or anything which was what I kinda expected from this, some way to hit back and make EPO really hurt but nope. You’ll have to read it to find out what really went down, the ending will make reading it worth it though as even though I saw it coming I’m intrigued as to what’s going to come of it.

It’s done from three different perspectives, Eve, Bram and Micheal, I wasn’t sure what to think of them including Micheal in this but it was really interesting to see his thought process and seeing what was going on back in the Tower whereas Bram and Eve had managed to escape to get her to freedom.Β 

Despite my slight disappointment, I did like this book, it was nice to go back to the characters and see the development of them and I hope that there will be more of a development in the final book so I’m looking forwards to seeing what Giovanna & Tom will be doing for the last one!Β 

Have you read Eve of Man? Or caught up and read Eve Illusion? Let me know!

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