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Thank you to BKMRK for sending me a finished copy of this gorgeous book!

Venom is the second book to Bex Hogan’s debut novel, Viper, you can find my review of the first book here.  Viper was one of my favourite reads of 2019 and I’ve been anticipated Venom ever since and now I’m DYING for the third book Vulture.

This book has completely broken me, I loved it. It was filled with adventure, blood and tears. I honestly have no idea where to start with this review, first up I must say, Bex how dare you. The ending blew me away, I’m distraught and I need book 3 in my life immediately. 

I was on edge throughout this entire book, there was always something going on and there was never a dull moment, I couldn’t put the book down, I flew through most of it in a day because I just couldn’t resist it, I was constantly needing to know what happens next.

Bex has truly broken me, after I finished the book, I went to bed and woke in the middle of the night with all these theories of what’s going to happen in the third book and final book that it took me forever to get back to sleep. Bex is one of my favourite fantasy writers, you don’t see a lot of pirate books these days so this series is something different.

For Venom we continue off where we left off in Viper, we’re about to witness the wedding of a century between our main character Marianne and Torin, where Torin’s father, the King has said that he will step down and let the two of them reign to bring land and sea together, but everything goes wrong on their wedding night when an assassin creeps in and stabs Torin and frames Marianne for doing it, Torin lives but is under a coma to help heal thus he is unable to say that it wasn’t her. This then means that Marianne must escape and figure out a way to restore the twelve isles, bring the east and west together and finally figure out how she is supposed to work magic and become a proper mage.

I wholeheartedly most definitely think that if you haven’t yet read Viper you need to so that you can then read Venom and join me in the heartache of the ending, but apart from the ending the entire series is absolutely incredible, it’s just something that you can really sink your teeth into.

Have you read Viper if so what did you think? Are you planning on reading Venom?

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