Underhyped Books

Hey everyone! 

I thought I’d do a post on books that I think are underrated that I’ve really enjoyed, if I have any reviews up for them I’ll link them from the author name.. so first up we have..

D A U G H T E R    O F    T H E     P I R A T E     K I N G 

by Tricia Leveseller.

I recently read this duology and I ended up binging them together as I ended up falling in love with it, I don’t see people raving about it much on instagram compared to when it first came out so far it’s my favourite books of Tricia Levenseller, only one I haven’t read by her is Shadows Between Us.

N O T     E V E N     B O N E S

by Rebecca Schaffer

I bought this nearer to release date but it took me ages to end up reading it and I regretted it, I devoured it and loved it so much, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Only Ashes Remain so I’m looking forwards to reading this one as soon as possible!

W I N N E R S    C U R S E 

by Marie Rutkoski

I had the ARC arrive of Midnight Lie but I didn’t realise that it was set in the same world as the Winners Curse trilogy, it’s not necessary to read these to read Midnight Lie but I wanted to and I feel like this is a series that deserves more love than it gets!

T H E   B E H O L D E R 

by Anne Bright

I read and adored this one last year but I don’t think many people enjoyed it but it just gave me The Selection vibes and I’m trash for these kind of books.


by Kiersten White

I couldn’t not add this one, it’s a book based around Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I feel this doesn’t get a lot of love whatsoever!

O N C E    &    F U T U R E 

by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy

This one was amazing, I was lucky enough to read an ARC version, it’s a gender bend LGBTQ+ retelling of King Arthur, this one has a lot of mixed opinions but I thought it was incredible!


by Bex Hogan

I think now that Venom is out this one is getting a bit more love at the moment, but it’s an amazing pirate book and the ending of Venom was insane, I highly recommend it!

C I R C L E   O F    S H A D O W S

by Evelyn Skye

This one was in a Fairyloot box when it got released but I have not seen it around or praised in such a long time, I found it was really interesting and I know I need the sequel in my hands!

E X T I N C T I O N    T R I A L S

by S M Wilson

I read these every year until the third one came out, I don’t do rereads very often, I mainly do them to catch up and remember what is going on for the sequels but THERE AREN’T ENOUGH DINOSAUR BOOKS IN MY LIFE!


What are some underrated books to you? Read any of these or are they on your tbr?

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