Aurora Burning by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Thank you to the lovely people at Rock The Boat publishing for sending me a gorgeous ARC copy of this book to read!

I have no idea how I’m going to make this a coherent review, I mean, wow, Amie & Jay have fucked me up yet again big time. Aurora Rising was one of my favourite reads of 2019 so now Aurora Burning is my favourite for 2020.

Before diving into the beautiful book that is Aurora Burning, I did reread Aurora Rising to refresh myself and prep to ruin my heart before going into the sequel.. you can find my review for Aurora Rising here.

First, the bad news: an ancient evil—you know, your standard consume-all-life-in-the-galaxy deal—is about to be unleashed. The good news? Squad 312 is standing by to save the day. They’ve just got to take care of a few small distractions first.

Like the clan of gremps who’d like to rearrange their favorite faces.

And the cadre of illegit GIA agents with creepy flowers where their eyes used to be, who’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on Auri.

Then there’s Kal’s long-lost sister, who’s not exactly happy to see her baby brother, and has a Syldrathi army at her back. With half the known galaxy on their tails, Squad 312 has never felt so wanted.

When they learn the Hadfield has been found, it’s time to come out of hiding. Two centuries ago, the colony ship vanished, leaving Auri as its sole survivor. Now, its black box might be what saves them. But time is short, and if Auri can’t learn to master her powers as a Trigger, the squad and all their admirers are going to be deader than the Great Ultrasaur of Abraaxis IV.

Shocking revelations, bank heists, mysterious gifts, inappropriately tight bodysuits, and an epic firefight will determine the fate of the Aurora Legion’s most unforgettable heroes—and maybe the rest of the galaxy as well.

Okay so, I read this book back in February, I’ve been struggling on how to write my review ever since, it was such an incredible book and I absolutely adore Jay and Amie’s writing and combined it’s just glorious, but all the events that happened throughout the book is just so freaking hard to get all of my feelings and thoughts on the book down as even now, a month later, my head is still just like ‘AHHH OMG ITKSJDFNBKGKDF IT WAS SO GOOD’ and no coherent is around.

Squad 312 is back and still on a mission risking their lives. We’re down a squad member and I’m still reeling, there were so many twists and exciting things that happened throughout the entire book that you just cannot put it down, I ended up flying through it especially with my reread of Aurora Rising too! I’m not evens sure how I’m going to cope with waiting an entire year for the third book.

The Aurora Cycle series is going to be one of those series in which I will be rereading every year until they’re complete so I’m refreshed. Though I have no idea if the next book is the final instalment or not, I hope it isn’t I feel like there could be quite a few books for this series not just a trilogy. 

I’d love to one day see this series as a tv show, WITH NOTHING MISSING FROM IT. It would be freaking awesome to watch, nonetheless, if you haven’t yet read the first book Aurora Rising, I highly recommend that you do in the lead up to this one being released in May, this is one of my all time favourite sci-fi books and I don’t have many of them!

Have you read Aurora Rising? What did you think?


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