Bookish Friday | Harry Potter Spells

This meme is hosted by myself and the ever so lovely Lauren whose blog is linked. Our February to May prompts are now live and you can find those new prompts here!

Hey everyone! Today’s prompt is Harry Potter spells, there are so many within the Harry Potter universe and all Harry uses is Expelliarmus, he found one he could use and stuck with itπŸ˜‚

In everyday life, I think thatΒ ACCIO, would be one of the most helpful spells, there are so many times when I sit down and I’ve forgotten something and I’ve already gotten up twice to get other things.

Lumos, I can’t see in the dark due to an eye condition meaning I have utter shit night vision so this would be so much easier.

Expecto Patronum, you know, just because, I want to know what my patronus would be!!Β 

Scourgify, this is a spell I need in my life, for my depression and low days when I can not be bothered to clean up I can just use this spell and it’ll clean for me!Β 

What spell from the Harry Potter universe would you want?

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