Bookish Friday | Least Fav OTP

This meme is hosted by myself and the ever so lovely Lauren whose blog is linked. Our February to May prompts are now live and you can find those new prompts here!

Morning everyone! Today’s prompt is our least fav OTP (one true pairing) honestly I don’t really have many that I can even think of right now..

H A R R Y   &   G I N N Y

from Harry Potter, I never thought that these two had any chemistry that they were just shoved together, they’ve never been my OTP, I feel Harry would’ve been better with absolutely anybody else.

A L I N A    &    M A L

from Shadow and Bone, never liked Mal at all in this series, never will. Though I’m hella excited for the TV show!

A E L I N    &     R O W A N

from Throne of Glass, I much preferred Aelin’s relationship with Choal and Dorian rather than Rowan, I’ve never liked him that much but hey ho..


Do you have a least favourite OTP? 

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