Break The Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli

Happy Friday! Today is my tour and the last day on the Break the Fall tour, thank you to BKMRK for sending me an ARC copy to read and review!

My copy ended up arriving extremely late, I got sent a netgalley copy too but for some bizarre reason it just would not send to my kindle! Luckily it had arrived Wednesday evening but went to my post office to collect Thursday morning, so I had one day to read it!

This book was absolutely incredible, it was filled with fierce gymnasts and I LOVED IT! Our main character Audrey Lee, is going to the olympics with her team but their coach has been arrested and they’re sure it’s all about to go wrong.

The support in this book was so well done, I thought that the plot for it was so well written and I just could not help but binge it all so fast, I read the first half without being able to put it down and the same for the second half, it was so gripping and wholesome, it was perfect. I wasn’t entirely sure if this was going to be my type of read with the olympics side of things but I liked reading what was happening and their process of going through the olympics and practicing!Β 

I highly highly recommend this book but please wary that there are triggers for this book that include sexual assault, rape, grooming, nothing is graphic though.Β 

Do you think that you’ll read this one?

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