Esemtu by Karin Springer

Thank you to Karin Springer for sending me a copy of this book to review!

Three university students get tangled up in a mystery murder. However, they realize that they’ll have to open their minds to the supernatural to solve this case. Soon, they find themselves dragged into a magic world of fantastic creatures, gods, demons and immortals, that will change their lives forever. Join them in their thrilling adventure to uncover the ancient secrets!

Esemtu is a graphic novel, its a thrilling story that starts off as what you think would be a normal crime, except when our main characters start delving further into the case and finding out something about what Sumerian artefacts that was trying to be sold really is, things get a lot worse. Isabella (one of our main characters) finds out more about her family secrets and a whole other world she never even knew about.

Our three main characters Izzy, Dave and Ethan, have gone from leading normal lives, to being plunged head first into a supernatural case, finding out that demons are real and they just couldn’t see them before.

Esemtu is the first book in the graphic novel series, it ended quite shocking, so I’m hoping that there will be book two in the near future, it had me hooked and I enjoyed looking at the art style and seeing details. I enjoy reading about mythological books so this one really peaked my interest and I’m intrigued with finding out more about the Sumerian side in this series.

What’s your favourite mythology? Mine is Greek and Egyptian!

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