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Thank you Rock The Boat for the copy of The Sky Is Mine by Amy Beashel & for letting me be on the blog tour!

Finish the F**king Book ~ Stella Duffy

There’s no rule that your discs have to musical. They just have to be special. And this is certainly that. I met Stella Duffy about twenty years ago when, having read her fantasically different Singling Out the Couples, I went on an Arvon writing retreat on which she her wife Shelley were tutors. Only they weren’t just tutors. They gave so much of themselves that when I returned home and people asked me how the course had been, there was really only one way to describe it: life-changing. And Stella continues to be life-changing for me. I messaged her on my 36th birthday promising to write every day. This vow was rooted in the hope that in promising to fulfil my goal to someone I wouldn’t want to let down, I would be more likely to achieve what I’d so far failed to do: write a novel. In that same message, I joked about wishing I’d captured a video of her telling me, a couple of years previously, that it’s all well and good having lots of ideas, hopes and dreams, but the only way to make those come to fruition was to sit down and finish the f**king book. If I had that video, I said, I’d watch it as a daily reminder of what was required. I didn’t expect her to respond. But she did. Not just with an email but with a video – exactly like the one I wished I’d made – of her telling me to “finish the f**king book”. That video changed my life. I watched it daily and, as such, I sat down, did what Stella told me and finished the fucking book. A book that got me an agent that got me one step closer to a deal. That’s the thing with Stella, her you-can-do-this cheerleading bouys and ripples with consequences of life-changing proportions. I want to be like Stella. Generous. Bolstering. Kind. Listening to this would be a reminder of the importance of perseverance and, so too, the brilliance of people. People like Stella. #BeMoreStella

T R I G G E R    W A R N I N G S

The Sky is Mine contains some material that you may find distressing, this includes discussion of rape, coercive behaviour, domestic violence and abuse. We are grateful to sexual health and wellbeing charity Brook for undertaking a sensitivity read.


I received an ARC copy of this book at YALC 2019, which I got signed and personalised by the author and I’ve been meaning to read it ever since but never got around to it but saw the blog tour for it and thought it was the perfect opportunity to get it read and it was incredible that I couldn’t not give it five stars!

This book was so incredibly powerful, it was hard hitting and the characters were amazing. It was so well written and I loved seeing the development of Izzy and her mum.

Izzy and her mum have been trapped in an abusive household, a man whose so incredibly charming that he completely changed their lives around but the control seeped in so that Izzy and her mother had no voice for their opinion or able to scream for change. But for Izzy it’s not just at home, she’s fallen into the hands of Jacob Mansfield from college who took advantage of her one night and took photos to hold it over her and get more from her thus the cycle never ending.

Her best friend Grace who she tells everything has found a girlfriend whom she’s madly in love with and doesn’t realise when Izzy is in need of a friend to share her troubles with. Until one day Izzy’s mum is finding a way to take back control of their lives.

It was so great to see the development that happened throughout the book, the consequences that happened. The book contains so many important things that the author addressed that are happening far too often in the world now.

The Sky is Mine is an incredible, heartbreaking, emotional debut novel from Amy Beashel, I can’t wait to see what she writes next and I highly HIGHLY recommend picking this one up.

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