The Vatican Games by Alejandra Guibert

Sadly won’t be much of a review as I DNF about half way through. I received this book on behalf of the Authoright tours & the publisher Clink Street.

I quickly realised that this was not my cup of tea but pushed through a bit further to find out if it picked up and to be fair.. it kinda did but not enough to make me want to read any more of it, about half way through, I’d hit 100 page mark and I was just feeling a bit bleugh at the thought of having to read any more of this so I sadly just ended up not finishing it.

‘The sky was in mourning, covered by a blanket of black smoke rising from the millions of corpses. They were too many to bury. Satellite photos showed only a few scattered green or white areas standing our like oases. The incinerations of the bodies imposed a universal state of mourning which nobody would ever forget or openly mention again.

Multinationals would at last be able to focus fully on business, they would have free rein to do and undo as they pleased in their new kingdom. Hunger had be eradicated. Not by the philanthropic efforts of the few humanitarians still harbouring a vision fir the future of humanity, nor through the generosity of the wealthy. Hunger had been eliminated once and for all. With the death of nearly five billion people.’

I really liked the idea of this book, it sounded interesting and I was looking forwards to giving it a read, however I found it to be a bit slow and I really struggled to get into it. I quickly realised that this wasn’t really a book suited to my tastes.

Our main character Vera is born on the day that an apocalyptic revenge is taking place and wiping out billions of people around the world and her birth marks are a part of the new world order run by powerful gaming corporations. 

This is based on David and Goliath where our main character Vera is David in this story and she needs to defeat Goliath to help prevent even more destruction.

The book is done in parts so you can easily cut this down into sections if need be, there were times that I found this to be more interesting than others but not enough to make me feel gripped.

If you enjoy the story of David & Goliath, a bit of apocalyptic dystopia then this might be a book for you! This book is officially out on the 30th January, don’t forget to check out my fellow bloggers too 🙂

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