A Throne of Swans by Katharine & Elizabeth Corr

Thank you to Hot Key Books & Darkroom Tours for sending me a copy to review!

A Throne of Swans is Katharine and Elizabeth’s brand new series that is releasing on the 9th January 2020! Their debut series was The Witch’s Kiss trilogy which I absolutely adored so I could not wait to read their new novel. It’s not an overly short nor long book, it’s around 350 pages and it’s easy enough to be binged as it flows so nicely that I was able to read it super quickly.

In a world where the flightless are ruled by those who can fly…

A Throne of Swans is a young adult fantasy novel in which we meet our main character 17 year old Aderyn. With both of her parents now gone, Aderyn is now the Protector of Atratys. Atratys is a kingdom in which nobles are able to transform into birds that then represents their bloodline.

Aderyn’s bloodline allows her to be able to transform into a swan however since the tragic event of her mothers death, she was there to witness the ordeal and it’s left her being unable to transform, her mother was killed by a bloodline that was supposed to be extinct.

But without her parents around, she now has to go and face the King, her uncle. In which now she has to be careful not to let slip that she’s not able to transform but along comes the help she needs.

I found this book to be extremely gripping, I was intrigued by the characters and the politics of the story. I was worried that this was going to be a standalone but I’m so happy that I found out that this was going to be a part of a duology! I really love Katharine and Elizabeth’s writing, I find it to be so easy to read and the detail is the story is perfect that you’re able to imagine the world as it comes.

Royalty books are my absolute favourite and to have two amazing authors write one was even better, I really look forwards to book two and whatever else they bring out after that!

Do you plan to read this one? Or what are some of your favourite royalty based books?

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