Queen of Nothing by Holly Black | Review

First review of 2020.. not entirely sure how I want to lay this out now, I wasn’t so keen on how I did it beforehand so I guess I’ll wing it for the moment whilst I think on that!

First review of the year is for Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. Published in the UK by Hot Key Books and is the third and final instalment in the Cruel Price trilogy. It’s the shortest book in the series at just pushing 300 pages and I’m not sure this book was even needed..

The Wicked King ended with a bit of a cliffhanger with Cardan exiling Jude to the mortal world after she becomes Queen of Faerie marring Cardan which made me so excited for the conclusion to the series but I’m disappointed. I wasn’t as hyped for this book once everything came out about Holly Black and the way she’s gone about dealing with copyright etc, I wasn’t originally going to buy the final book but with the way Wicked King ended, I needed the conclusion so I didn’t have to think about it continuously so I did expect this to be amazing after I’d even heard good things but honestly I think that it could’ve been put at the end of Wicked King making that longer instead.

This didn’t really have much of a plot, the first half I was invested in, I was dragged in and it had me hooked. I love Cardan and Jude, don’t get me wrong and I did love seeing them reunite again. But the entire of this book could’ve probably have been done in about 100-150 pages instead of 300. It feels like Holly couldn’t come up with a better way to finish the trilogy with more action or plot so just threw this together, I think if it had continued to be released at it’s January date, it could’ve been better.

Like I said, for me the beginning of this book was good, I enjoyed that part the most, it was more intense and I found the ending of it to be a little silly but that might be just me!

Have you read this final instalment in this series? What did you think of it? Could it have been done better or were you happy with it?

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