Lost Between the Covers | 2020 Plans

Hey guys!

So myself and Lauren have been coming up with ideas for our bookclub Lost Between the Covers for 2020!

We’ve got a few so far but the one we’ve 100% got everything prepared for so far is our 2020 monthly challenges!

For the monthly challenges, we’ve got a prompt list all ready for it so I will include that photo below. One challenge a month and we will promote the challenge for each month as well, you can also go to our Goodreads discussion post if you would like to chat about your chosen book for the prompt!

We will still be doing our monthly book picks as well, three months out of them we will be including middle grade book picks alongside ya book picks, so you can participate in one or both that’s up to you.

Some other readathons we are planning are:

May: A Middle Grade Readathon (can’t remember if a name has been 100% chosen for this)

September: Hogwarts-A-Thon, this will be a Chamber of Secrets themed!

October: Spooky-Thon

December: End of the Year Edition

We’ve also got a Harry Potter readathon planned at the end of 2020!

We’ll be coming up with more ideas but if there’s anything that you think would be fun for the bookclub just leave a comment below here or on our Goodreads! All ideas are welcome πŸ™‚

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