December Readathon: End of the Year Edition

Hi all♥️

So me and the ever so lovely Lau, if you didn’t know, we have a book club by the name of Lost Between the Covers and for the final month of 2019 we’ve done a readathon in which is ‘End of the Year Edition’, this runs throughout the entire month of December.

You can join this in two different ways, first up is the normal readathon without any pressure whatsoever to complete every single challenge if you didn’t wish to, the other way is BINGO!

To make the bingo edition even more fun we have decided that all those who complete their bingo board will be entered into a giveaway in which you could win some bookmarks (of your choosing) from BookBookOwl! You will only be entered if you have a full house on the bingo board, we will figure out how to fully enter closer to the time but you’ll find all the information once set up on our instagram @lostbetweenthecoversbookclub and our hashtags will be #lbtcbookclub and #lbtcendoftheyearedition if you take part.

Overall there are nine different prompts in total, all are pretty straight forward but one prompt is already set for you which is the Book Club Pick: our pick for December is Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. You can join our book club on Goodreads which I have linked.

For now, here are the two visuals for the readathon so that you can all get prepared and get your TBR’s sorted!

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