Bookish Friday

Bookish Friday is a meme hosted by Niffler_Reads and Laureads_

Every Friday there will be a new prompt, it starts on October 4th but we’ve decided to put an announcement post up first letting you all know if you want to take part and that you can have advance time on writing up your posts if need be! So right now we have from October until January, so in January we will be putting up new prompts for another four months! These are the prompts that we’ve got for you all, your posts can be as long or as short as you want it to be, make it lists or full on posts, whatever takes your fancy! In each of our posts we will link back to this original posts so you can find the prompts easily!

October Prompts

4th – Favourite Things About Fall

11th – Spooky Reads

18th – Witches

25th – Spooky Covers

November Prompts

1st – Harry Potter:

Write whatever you want for this one, be it the characters, the movies, books, magical creatures, favourite quotes, moments, seriously whatever you want!

8th – Books That Surprised Me

15th – Bookish Gifts

22nd – 2020 Releases

29th – Sequels I Need To Read

December Prompts

6th – Books I’d Like For Christmas

13th – Christmas Reads

20th – Least Favourite Reads of 2019

27th – Favourite Reads of 2019

January Prompts

3rd – New Year/Bookish Goals

10th – Books I Hope To Read This Year

17th – Books I Wish I Had Right Now

24th – Favourite Series

31st – Book Blogs