The Spooky-Thon!

Welcome to the Spooky-Thon!

Lau and I are back with another readathon for October and halloween themed! If you don’t have any overly ‘spooky’ books or aren’t into Halloween or anything, just wing it and stretch the props as far as you need to make it work!

My TBR will be fully decided next week so will make a post on my TBR then! This readathon will be running throughout the entirety of October, so you don’t need to rush your reading.

We will be hosting 24 and 48 hour reading sprints on weekends and one weekend will be a Hocus Pocus movie watch, we’ll also be asking halloween questions on the SpookyThon twitter!

Are you planning on taking part? I’d love to see your TBR, tag @lostbetweenthecoversbookclub on instagram and @LBTCBookClub on twitter! We’ve also got a dedicated Twitter for this readathon which is @SpookyThonΒ you can also include the following hashtags #lbtcbookclub & #spookython.Β Can’t wait to see what you all pick!

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