Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab | Review

Title: Tunnel of Bones

Author: Victoria Schwab

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: September 5th 2019

ISBN: 9781407196930

Series: Cassidy Blake 2/?

Pages: 272

Edition: UK Paperback

Genre: Middle Grade, Paranormal


Trouble is haunting Cassidy Blake . . . even more than usual.

She (plus her ghost best friend, Jacob, of course) are in Paris, where Cass’s parents are filming their TV show about the world’s most haunted cities. Sure, it’s fun eating croissants and seeing the Eiffel Tower, but there’s true ghostly danger lurking beneath Paris, in the creepy underground Catacombs.

When Cass accidentally awakens a frighteningly strong spirit, she must rely on her still-growing skills as a ghosthunter — and turn to friends both old and new to help her unravel a mystery. But time is running out, and the spirit is only growing stronger.

And if Cass fails, the force she’s unleashed could haunt the city forever.

My Rating: ★★★★★

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this from the publisher, all opinions are my own.

Thank you Scholastic for sending me a copy of this book to review!

I absolutely adored reading City of Ghosts last year, I flew through that one and I couldn’t put it down and I’ve even incredibly excited for the next book ever since! And now, I’m looking forwards to the third instalment in the series, I’m not sure how many will be in the series but I hope it’s a few more as I don’t see it being wrapped up in book three.

City of Ghosts was based in Scotland, the first area in which her parents, The Inspecters, are hunting ghosts for their brand new TV series finding most haunted cities. Except Cassidy can actually see ghosts and in City of Ghosts she meets Lara who helps her understand her powers a bit more and makes her realise that she has the power to help ghosts move on from the Earthly plane.

So from Edinburgh, the Blake family’s next stop is Paris! When the entire crew end up going down to the underground Catacombs, Cassidy can feel the pull of the veil, her parents can’t notice but Cassidy knows that there’s a ghostly prescient lurking around. Her ghost friend Jacob, who is always with her, is her best friend, he tries to get Cassidy to not go into the veil in the Catacombs but she ends up getting pulled into it when she eventually realises, she’s awakened a powerful spirit, and it wants to play.

Cassidy is still learning with her powers and enlisting the help of Lara whose back in Edinburgh, on how to get rid of such a strong entity. Cassidy needs to work fast to help this ghost, the longer she leaves it to rampage across the city, the stronger it will get, it’s already strong enough that it resists looking into a mirror and hearing the words to help ghosts ‘see what they really are.’

Overall, I really loved this one just as much as the first! It is a middle grade story but it still has all the creepy elements and keeps you hooked from page one. The Cassidy Blake series reminds me of another book that I absolutely adored but still hasn’t got a fourth book and I’ve been waiting since 2015 however, it’s still fun to read despite it, this is Shades of London series by Maureen Johnson, it’s a young adult version of this one so it is a bit more graphic. Either way, I highly recommend the Cassidy Blake series, it doesn’t matter how old you are to enjoy this one!

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