Interviewing a Fellow Book Blogger

Me and Lau decided to interview each other we both asked different questions, you can go and see my answers on her blog which I have linked.

I ask Lau 10 questions relating to books (obviously) and sent them to her for her to respond to and without further ado here is the interview!

1. What made you want to start blogging?

I started blogging because even though I write my reviews on goodreads, I also wanted a space that was my own, I loved the idea of doing book tags and memes. I actually was really unsure about starting a blog but you really helped me out with it and now I find it is more of a safe place for me and it really helps to keep my mind active as I suffer with anxiety and depression. 

2. Top 5 reads of 2019 so far? 

  • Nevernight, I love it so much!
  • Aurora Rising
  • The Girl King
  • Lady Midnight
  • Enchantée

3. What got you into reading? 

I was always a reader, I remember going out to the shop with my grandad and buying the newest Harry Potter books to read together. But more recently I started to get Fairyloot, a bookish subscription box, and since then I’ve grown my own library in my bedroom! Haha. 

4. Favourite bookstagrammers? 

Oh gosh, I have loads: @niffler_reads, obviously! @meltotheany, @velvetreadsbooks, @mummyisreading, @bookbookowl, @fanatical.fantasy, @emmasbookishlife, @bookslovereaders…the list goes on and on. 

5. What helps you with coming up with ideas for your blog posts? 

Well, I do blog hop a lot and see if anyone has done something that seems like a good idea or even a tag, then I will put my own spin on it or mention them if it’s a tag and say I saw it on their blog. I have so many ideas at the moment that I have them written on paper in a jar and every Saturday night I pick 3 at random and draft them up on the Sunday ready for the week ahead. 

6. A book of all time that you really disliked and one you loved? 

A book I loved, Nevernight, Mia is a damn queen and Mister Kindly is just amazing. 

A book I disliked…State of Sorrow, my gosh, that book was boring and I just wasted 2 days of my life reading it. 

7. Is there a genre that you avoid? 

Classics I guess? I’m trying to read outside of my fantasy comfort zone and have managed so far to enjoy contemporary and thriller. 

8. What’s been on your TBR forever? 

One of the first books I bought 2 years ago was Six of Crows, I still haven’t read it. 

9. Did you have a favourite book as a child? 

I can’t really remember only as far back as Harry Potter. To be fair it was probably likely to be something like a Roald Dahl book or something, the witches maybe. Or James and the giant peach. 

10. Do you have any reading/blogging habits? 

Not that I haven’t already spoken about. When I’m reading I always have sticky tabs and a pen & notebook with me so I can tan quotes and take notes. I don’t like writing in my books so this is easier for me. And blogging, again, just how I pick my posts for the following week on a Saturday (or earlier if I feel like) and draft them on a Sunday. I usually post on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I do Top Ten Tuesday on a Tuesday and Thursday and Friday I either don’t post or I post one of the list of reviews I have drafted up ready. 


What are you currently reading? 

I’m currently reading Descendant of The Crane for our book club Lost Between The Covers. And I’m just about to start The Girl In Red for my Instagram tour – which by the time this is posted will of already happened.

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