Legendary by Stephanie Garber | Review

Title: Legendary

Author: Stephanie Garber

Publisher: Hodder

Published: 29th May 2018

ISBN: 9781473629189

Series: Caraval 2/3

Pages: 416

Edition: Hardback

My Rating: ★★★★★

Disclaimer: I bought this myself, all opinions are my own.

Legendary is the second instalment to the Caraval trilogy and this time it’s done from Donatella’s point of view! This one was JUST as good as the first and I just loved it. This is my second read of Legendary as I read it last year when it came out but I’m rereading Caraval and this so I’m all caught up and refreshed to read Finale! Here’s my review of Caraval —> Caraval by Stephanie Garber | Review if you wish to check it out 🙂

This one is so different to Caraval, this time it’s no longer just a game, the events are real. This time the prize of winning Caraval is coming face to face with Legend himself!

Welcome, welcome to Caraval…the games have only just begun.

After the events of the first Caraval, the sisters have officially escaped the clutches of their cruel father but Tella isn’t free just yet, Tella made a deal with a friend who is a criminal in a moment of desperation and as payment he wants Legend’s true name which is impossible to get and now instead of just his name her mysterious friend wants Legend himself so Tella decides to play the game this time. But this time there’s more at stake.

In this story, there are Fates which make the story really interesting, this one isn’t as mysterious as Caraval was but I still absolutely loved and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in Finale!

There’s a different setting in this story instead of being on Legend’s private isle we now head to Valenda where Caraval is heading to play the next game so close after finishing the first Caraval in order to celebrate Elantine’s Day, the Empress’s birthday. I still loved all of the characters in this one, it was great to read more about Tella and Dante and reading about the Prince of Hearts, this story is just as magically as the first but in a completely different way!

Now I’m all caught up, refreshed and ready to dive into Finale, I’m already a chapter in AND I LOVE IT ALREADY! If you haven’t yet read Legendary (or Caraval) I really recommend that you do so! Okay, now I’m off to actually go read it 😍

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