Caraval by Stephanie Garber | Review

Title: Caraval

Author: Stephanie Garber

Publisher: Hodder

Published: 31st January 2017

ISBN: 9781473629141

Series: Caraval 1/3

Pages: 402

Edition: UK hardback

My Rating: ★★★★★

Disclaimer: I bought this book myself, all opinions are my own.

This is my third time reading Caraval.. I absolutely L O V E this series and I just had to reread it so that I was completely up to date and ready for Finale!

It was just as magically as the first time I read it, I fall in love with this series over and over again and I just absolutely love all of the characters and the world and I just need more of it in my life!

welcome, welcome to Caraval… beware of getting swept too far away.

okay, can I just read this again? If I didn’t have so many books on my TBR I don’t know how many times I’d read this series but now Finale is releasing I’m sad that it’s all going to be over!

Caraval is the first instalment in this trilogy and it’s done from Scarlett Dragna’s point of view. Scarlett has never left the island where her and her sister live with their cruel and mean father who if one sister does something wrong the other gets punished instead. what an ass.

Scarlett’s father has arranged a marriage for her to a Count who she doesn’t know nor has ever met, they exchange letters but her father keeps his identity a secret. Scarlett has dreamt of being a part of Caraval for years, writing Legend a letter every year asking if he and his players will visit her tiny island until the year she tells him ‘it’s best he and his players don’t come this year as she’s getting married’ and then an invitation appears and Scarlett’s sister Tella whisks her away to Legend’s private island to participate in the game.

Scarlett is told that everything that happens in the game is just that, a game and that she shouldn’t get carried away in the realness of it all. But Tella is kidnapped and Scarlett has to find her sister within the next five nights in order to win Caraval.

Remember, it’s only a game.

UGH, I just love this book you guys, it’s definitely one of my all time favourite series and I can’t recommend it enough! I know it’s so hyped but I feel this one is worth all of the hype that it gets! If you haven’t read this book yet I recommend that you do! I just love all of the characters, Scarlett, Tella and Julian 😍 and the world building of this book is amazing, can I please just be transported in to Caraval already?

Whatever you’ve heard about Caraval, it doesn’t compare to the reality. It’s more than just a game or a performance. It’s the closest you’ll ever find to magic in this world… Welcome, welcome to Caraval.

Have you read this one? If so, what did you think? Worth the hype or not?

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