Izzy and Tristan by Shannon Dunlap | Review

Title: Izzy & Tristan

Author: Shannon Dunlap

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

Published: 07 March 2019

ISBN: 9781510104358

Series: Standalone

Pages: 320

My Edition: ARC

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

Disclaimer: I received an ARC copy from the publisher, all opinions are my own.

This isn’t a story about anything new. It’s about the oldest thing in the world. It’s about love.

Sixteen-year-old Izzy, a bright aspiring doctor, isn’t happy about her recent move from the Lower East Side across the river to Brooklyn. She feels distanced from her family, especially her increasingly incomprehensible twin brother, as well as her new neighbourhood. 

And then she meets Tristan. 

Tristan is a chess prodigy who lives with his aunt and looks up to his cousin, Marcus, who has watched out for him over the years. When he and Izzy meet one fateful night, together they tumble into a story as old and unstoppable as love itself.

From an exciting new voice in YA, this is a gripping tale of first love for anyone who loved All the Bright Places and The Hate U Give. 

Extremely nervous to post this review as I’m really worried that I’ve not really done a review like this and also worried I’ve not said things right or something, so I hope that it’s okay, please don’t hate me😂

Thank you Orion for sending me a free copy of this book to review!

Izzy and Tristan is a story with the tradegy and heartbreak of Romeo and Juliet so therefore, so like me, you can guess how it ended before we even started.

There were race issues in this book that Izzy’s brother Hull was involved with which never got solved considering Izzy then hung around with the same crowd so then Hull never even saw them again despite living in the same neighborhood.

Marcus was a douchebag too and I don’t understand why Izzy couldn’t just say no to being his girlfriend B E F O R E she even knew what he was like?! Makes no fricking sense to me. She just strung him along and he seemed to genuinely be into her, not sure how or why considering it seemed that they never hung out???

The story did have some good parts for me to give it three stars as I did enjoy the actual Izzy and Tristan sections when they were together the main thing I didn’t like was the insta love… Like they saw each other once for 5 minutes and they both fell in love with each other??? You know what.. Even Marcus said to Tristan that he was also in love with her after being with her for 5 minutes..

Again like I said, I guessed the ending so I wasn’t heartbroken about it. Got annoyed about how the author let the ending for Izzy go.. I feel like the events that led up to it could’ve given her a better ending to be honest.

I was expecting a mostly cute love story but I don’t really see this as much of a love story at all. It’s just an average contemporary book to me, I just felt like there were too many things that were just left unsolved. I do feel like this book is going to be very big with mixed reviews though as I’ve seen some people really love it.

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