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Title: Master of Sorrows

Author: Justin Travis Call

Publisher: Gollancz

Published: 21st February 2019

ISBN: 9781473222861

Series: The Silent Gods 1/4

Pages: 579

Edition: ARC

My Rating: ★★★★☆

Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the publisher – Gollancz – for free, all opinions are my own.

You have heard the story before – of a young boy, orphaned through tragic circumstances, raised by a wise old man, who comes to a fuller knowledge of his magic and uses it to fight the great evil that threatens his world.

But what if the boy hero and the malevolent, threatening taint were one and the same?

What if the boy slowly came to realize he was the reincarnation of an evil god? Would he save the world . . . or destroy it?

Among the Academy’s warrior-thieves, Annev de Breth is an outlier. Unlike his classmates who were stolen as infants from the capital city, Annev was born in the small village of Chaenbalu, was believed to be executed, and then unknowingly raised by his parents’ killers.

Seventeen years later, Annev struggles with the burdens of a forbidden magic, a forgotten heritage, and a secret deformity. When he is subsequently caught between the warring ideologies of his priestly mentor and the Academy’s masters, he must choose between forfeiting his promising future at the Academy or betraying his closest friends. Each decision leads to a deeper dilemma, until Annev finds himself pressed into a quest he does not wish to fulfil.

Will he finally embrace the doctrine of his tutors, murder a stranger, and abandon his mentor? Or will he accept the more difficult truth of who he is . . . and the darker truth of what he may become . . . 

Thank you Gollancz for sending me a free ARC copy of this book!

What if you were destined to be a villain?”

Master of Sorrows is a dark fantasy and a story of an anti-hero… Annev is raised by an old man, Sodar, who is a priest and Annev is trained under him as well as attending the Academy, in the Academy Annev is trained to become a warrior-thief and is on his final trial into becoming a master.

The Academy is against magic and they have a vault that hides away all magical artefacts whether they are of the most evil intents or harmless items.

This story starts with a tale of the Gods and this is mostly to give insight to the God Keo who is ‘evil’ so if anyone has an sort of deformity you are then considered a Son of Keo and therefore you must be evil. Annev, is a missing an arm in which is covered up by a magical prosthetic arm in which Annev then covers up with a glove so that no one will discover his secret.

Admittedly I did find the first 100 pages to be a little slow, not too much but I wasn’t overly interested but once I got pass that it picked up a lot more and got more intense and gripping which was good because this was a hefty 579 page book so I’m glad that it picked up really quickly and that there were no other slow moments in this book for me. This has been such a refreshing read and I really enjoyed reading this book, it was a good story, great characters especially character development and I loved the world building of it.

This story is mainly only done from Annev’s point of view but at the beginning of each part there is section done about the Gods which like I said gives a little bit of insight to Keo.

I definitely recommend this book, the ending of this book though was DEVASTATING! Everything just happened at once that just got you raging because WHY DID THAT NEED TO HAPPEN?! D: but then the epilogue, oh my gosh, that was a twist I was NOT expecting whatsoever! I’m definitely buying myself a full cover copy of this book and I especially need the second book in my life.. as soon as possible!

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