Snow Day | Photography

It’s the 1st February and a snow day in the UK so I went and took some photos, mainly of my dogs, all of these except the last one has been edited! I used my Canon EOS 4000D camera and edited on instagram.

This is my ickle Basil and I think my favourite photo of him today!

The Church in Tollard Royal, UK


Let’s go!

This is my Barney, with a stick in his mouth and a grin on his face :3

Can we go home now?




This is the unedited one which I only included because of his face..

I hope you enjoyed looking at these! I have a photography instagram account if anyone is interested in following me 🙂 @georgi_collins_96

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  1. Love this! Me and my son have been sledging and I am so tired now!!!

    1. Niffler_Reads says:

      Aw that sounds like a lovely day!🙈

      1. It really was, was nice for a change!!

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