Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan | review

Title: Blood of Olympus

Author: Rick Riordan

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Published: October 7th 2014

Edition: US Hardback

ISBN: 9781423146735

Series: Heroes of Olympus 5/5

Pages: 516

My Rating: ★★★★☆

Nico had warned them. Going through the House of Hades would stir the demigods’ worst memories. Their ghosts would become restless. Nico may actually become a ghost if he has to shadow-travel with Reyna and Coach Hedge one more time. But that might be better than the alternative: allowing someone else to die, as Hades foretold.

Jason’s ghost is his mother, who abandoned him when he was little. He may not know how he is going to prove himself as a leader, but he does know that he will not break promises like she did. He will complete his line of the prophecy: To storm or fire the world must fall.

Reyna fears the ghosts of her ancestors, who radiate anger. But she can’t allow them to distract her from getting the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood before war breaks out between the Romans and Greeks. Will she have enough strength to succeed, especially with a deadly hunter on her trail?

Leo fears that his plan won’t work, that his friends might interfere. But there is no other way. All of them know that one of the Seven has to die in order to defeat Gaea, the Earth Mother.

Piper must learn to give herself over to fear. Only then will she be able to do her part at the end: utter a single word.

Heroes, gods, and monsters all have a role to play in the climactic fulfillment of the prophecy in The Blood of Olympus, the electrifying finale of the best-selling Heroes of Olympus series.

I finally finished this series! I started this series back in 2014 and I’ve been slowly reading it ever since, I actually read House of Hades back in 2016 according to Goodreads so there was a huge gap between reading that one and this one! I’ve already read the Percy Jackson series and loved when I was younger so I’ve always wanted to carry on reading Rick Riordan’s books and last year I read the first book in the Trials of Apollo series even though it was slight spoilers for Blood of Olympus I didn’t mind as I wasn’t in the mood to read it like I was for Trials of Apollo!

So far, the Heroes of Olympus series is my least favourite (at the moment) I’ve given all the books in this series 4 stars and according to Goodreads I gave all the Percy Jackson books 5 stars.. not sure why as I never had Goodreads back then 😂 I’m planning on reread Percy Jackson series soon (maybe this year) so the ratings will more than likely change.

Blood of Olympus is done from multiple points of views, I believe it is 5 overall, Nico, Jason, Reyna, Piper and Leo. This is the final instalment in the Heroes of Olympus series and they are coming to the very end of their quest and completing the prophecy. This book was for me, a little slow to get into but then it was extremely fast paced and full of sass, puns and jokes to make you giggle at the most intense times.

All the characters are amazing and there’s been quite a lot of character development going on throughout the books, Nico is my ultimate favourite character in this series (aside from Percy of course). I thought that this series ended really well and for me I don’t feel there were any loose ends however it has been a good two and a half – three years since I read House of Hades and the previous books so there may be some loose ends I’ve forgotten about!

Overall I enjoyed this series and now I’m going to go and catch up on the Trials of Apollo books before the fourth is out this year, read the Magnus Chase series AND I STILL NEED TO BUY THE KANE CHRONICLES! Then moving on from Rick Riordan, I also want to read the books from Rick Riordan Presents (which aren’t extensions to Percy Jackson world) but they also sound really good as they’re other mythology books!

Have you read this series or any of Rick Riordan’s other books?

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