The Darkdeep by Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs | Review

  • Title: The Darkdeep
  • Author: Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury
  • Published: October 2 2018
  • Edition: Hardback (special edition)
  • ISBN: 9781547602155
  • Series: The Darkdeep 1/2
  • Pages: 261
  • My Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

I bought this book because I enjoyed both of the authors other sereis, Matched by Allie Condie and Nemesis by Brendan Reichs and when I saw that they were doing a book together I knew I wanted to read it!

The Darkdeep is a middle grade book (which I didn’t actually know because I rarely read blurbs..) but as soon as my copy arrived and I flicked through it and actually looked at it I knew that it was a MG so I knew what I was going into then, I rarely read MG books but they’re always a nice change!

This book is done from two points of view, Nico and then Opal they’ve known each other since they were little but they drifted apart and Opal is friends with Nico’s worst enemy Logan and one day Logan ends up taking Nico’s quadrocopter which Nico spent £600 on building it and the first day he actually gets to test it out it gets sent into the fog of Still Cove in which Nico wants to try and find it and ends up slipping down the cove into the sea and he then discovers an island! His two other friends Tyler and Emma as well as Opal try and find a way down the cove to try and rescue him and they find a boat allowing them to row out to the island where they find Nico.

The island has never been seen before so it’s just their little secret until they find a weird boathouse with a basement with a pool of swirling water so obviously one of them touches it and ends up being swallowed by the water which the children have called Darkdeep. If you get swallowed by the water you just end up being spat back out at a pond and then suddenly figments of their imaginations end up becoming a part of reality even if for a short time so they end up getting fascinated with it and trying to figure out what it is.

It’s an interesting concept and it would have definitely creeped me out if I read this when I was 10 or something. I’d like to read a YA version of this as I do love a dark creepy book! This ends with a mystery which will lead us into book two so I’m looking forwards to reading that one when it comes out!

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