Evermore by Sara Holland

  • Title: Evermore
  • Author: Sara Holland
  • Publisher: BKMRK
  • Published: 31/12/18
  • ISBN: 9781408359518
  • Series: Everless 2/2
  • Pages: 346
  • Edition: UK Hardback
  • My Rating: ★★★★☆

One of my goals for 2019 was to take the time to review every book I read, this does not mean I will be writing full length reviews for each one as I would be here forever.

The first book I’ve finished in January is Evermore by Sara Holland, this is the sequel to Everless which I loved and adored, I gave that one FIVE stars and it was one of my favourite reads of 2017 and I’ve been DYING to get my hands on Evermore ever since.

I must say that I do prefer the first book as I enjoyed it a lot more than this one however I did still really enjoy diving back into this world and seeing how it ends!


skip the next paragraph if you haven’t read Everless yet!

In Everless we ended with Caro killing Roan, Jules’ first love and the Queen and finding out that Caro is the Sorceress and that our main character Jules is the Alchemist. Caro has framed Jules for the murders so that Jules is now forced to flee and find a way to kill the Sorceress and the person we least expected to help Jules is Roan’s brother Liam.


So in Evermore we follow Jules on her mission to find a way to kill Caro and we end up seeing more of her past life memories and how she and Caro even became enemies and quite honestly, I wasn’t expecting it. It was fast paced and it had such a brilliant conclusion to the duology. I did think that the ending was a little bit rushed and I would have liked to have read a bit more about after but overall it was a good read and I definitely recommend the series if you haven’t already started!

I’m looking forwards to seeing what other books that Sara Holland will produce next!

Have you read Everless? Are you looking forwards to reading Evermore if you haven’t yet? :3

7 thoughts on “Evermore by Sara Holland

  1. Oooo I haven’t read the first in this series! It sounds great though… Adding to my TBR right now 🙂

  2. I surprised myself by how much I liked Everless when I read it last year, so I’m really intrigued to discover what Evermore is like. I don’t think Everless was the best YA fantasy I’ve read but it was easy, intriguing and kept me on my toes, which I was not expecting. Now you’ve got me even more interested in Evermore and I might just have to abandon my current read to pick it up.

    1. Evermore definitely isn’t as exciting as Everless in my opinion but it was 100% worth the wait, I hope you enjoy it! 😊

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