Book Blogger Test

Book Blogger Test started over at Laura @ Laura’s Book Review, I thought that this looked fun and thought I’d give it a go!

The rules:

You must answer all of these questions truthfully and once you’ve completed this tag, tag 5 other book bloggers to answer the questions next.

What are your top three book pet hates?
Ooh, I’d say cover changes, that’s very annoying, ending up with different height paperbacks in a series, spine breakage, can’t be helped sometimes, but I hate it when it happens!

Describe your perfect reading spot
At the moment, my bed but moving out soon so I’ll be able to sit on my own sofa and snuggle up and read!

Tell us three book confessions
Umm, I haven’t yet read Six of Crows, Strange the Dreamer is overrated and I prefer hardbacks, I couldn’t think of anything else!

When was the last time you cried at a book?
Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman, I don’t really cry at books but this one hit me in the feels.

How many books are on your bedside table
NONE! My bedside table is full up with other bits but A Gathering Of Shadows is my current read that’s on the floor next to my bed…

What is your favorite snack whist you’re reading
Chocolate.. omnomnom

Name three books you’d recommend to everyone
Aurora Rising, Caraval and Scythe.

Show us a picture of your favorite shelf on your bookcase

My Harry Potter shelf is one of my favourite shelves on my bookcases!

Write how much books mean to you in 3 words
Escaping from reality.

What’s your biggest reading secret?
I don’t think I have one really, I don’t use bookmarks but rather any scrap bit of paper or something instead.

I tag:

anyone who wants to do this tag!

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