Walking in the woods | Photography

I thought it was time for a new Photography post! Two weeks ago it was a nice day on a Sunday that I managed to go on a nice quiet walk with my dogs and my mum in the woods!

Meet Basil (the Cairn Terrier) he has the most photos just because he’s a lot more calm then my Labrador, Barney, as you will see, most photos of him are running but I did managed to get him to stand still look at me nicely for a couple of shots!

All of the shots below are edited slightly, not much mainly to make them a little bit brighter! I took all of these with my Canon EOS 4000D camera and edited on my phone with Adobe Lightroom πŸ™‚

I really love how these two came out, he just looks so cute and I have this idea to draw over them and put a superhero cape on him!

A quick story, there’s a couple of photos at the very end of Basil laying in the leaves etc, this was something that my mum wanted to do, however these photos are the second attempt, I never managed to photo the first attempt and this is because I thought she was going to slowly let go of these leaves and have them falling around him but I don’t know what went through her mind but she chucked them at his face and he just carried on walking..Β πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy these photos!

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