Arch Enemies by Marissa Meyer | Spoiler Review

Title: Arch Enemies

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publisher: US Feiwel & Friends | UK Pan Macmillan

Release Date: US 06/11/18 | UK 18/04/19

Genre: YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Series: 2/3 Renegades

Pages: 471 (US hardback)

Started: 08/11/18          Finished: 11/11/18

My Rating: ★★★★★

I’m doing this as a spoiler review just because I kind of forgot the ending to Renegades and I would like to be able to come back to this review and easily be able to remember everything that happened!

Arch Enemies is the second book in the Renegades series, I loved and adored reading Renegades earlier this year, you can find my review of Renegades here: Rengades by Marissa Meyer | review. Ever since reading Renegades I’ve decided to start the Lunar Chroincles, I’ve only read Cinder and Scarlet so far, I liked them both and Cress is looking a little daunting so I’ve been holding back but I think I’m going to read that next!

I went into this book thinking that IT WAS A DUOLOGY! I WAS EXPECTING A NICE WELL ROUNDED ENDING AND WHAT DID I GET?! BOMBARDED WITH ALL THE ACTION AND NOW I’VE GOT TO WAIT TILL NEXT NOVEMBER FOR THE ENDING! I highly recommend this series and I’m really enjoying Marissa Meyer’s writing so go get Renegades if you haven’t yet started reading this series!

If you’ve not yet read Renegades or Arch Enemies I would recommend that you stop reading now otherwise I will spoil you.

At the end of Renegades we find out that Nova’s Uncle, Ace Anarchy is still alive! Nova’s anarchist alias Nightmare is currently “dead” so Nova can carry on easily with her mission to infiltrate the Renegades HQ as her hero alias, Insomnia. Nova is to get close to Adrian aka Sketch aka Sentinel to find out more information and also find out where Ace Anarchy’s helmet is being held so that she can grab it and take it back to her Uncle.

Nova has started to have romantic feelings towards Adrian in the first book and they deepen a bit more throughout this one. She has internal conflicts with herself about these feelings because he is the son of her sworn enemies but because part of her mission is to gain his trust she goes with it.

In this book, Renegades HQ has come up with a way to neutralise prodigies with Agent N, this is a serum that is injected into the prodigy and they permanently lose their powers, it is demonstrated in front of Nova and the rest of the Renegades in a meeting, to the one and only Puppeteer (Winston Pratt) who was one of Nova’s anarchy team. Now that he no longer has powers, Adrian questions him for information, but for that information he has to find Winston’s puppet Hettie which he does and Winston tells Adrian that Nightmare isn’t dead like everyone believes!

Agent N was created as a result of Max (Adrian’s little brother) who is called the Bandit because he can still people’s powers and as a result he has a little bit of Ace Anarchy’s telekinesis amongst some other powers. He had been experimented on by people at HQ to create a neutralising agent and Max asked for them to use it on him once it was done. It didn’t work. Max isn’t able to touch anyone except on of his dads Captain Chromium.

Adrian finds an amulet that protects the wearer from sickness and disease and has an idea that he would be immune to Max whilst wearing it and seeing it happen was just the happiest thing to read! Adrian was finally able to hug his little brother and he then tattoo’s the amulets design onto himself so that his other dad can wear the amulet and they can all have some family time together, SO CUTE! I loved reading that part!

Adrian who is also the Sentinel is also presumed dead at the beginning of the book as one of the prodigies, Hawthorn, incapacitates him with her thorn tentacles and throws him into the river but Adrian manages to escape in time before the Renegades start combing the water searching for Sentinel. Sentinel is still a secret from everyone in this book except his little brother Max (Bandit).

Monarch aka Danna who is one of the team members in Nova & Adrian’s patrol unit, is suspicious of Nova throughout this book, in case you’ve forgotten, Monarch can turn herself into a swarm of Monarch butterflies and separate themselves for spying etc. Nova is with her anarchy family, Ace, Phobia and Honey when this monarch butterflies appears and tries to burn itself by a candle so that it can escape and Danna can tell Adrian and the rest of the Renegades what has happened but Nova manages to quickly capture the butterfly which means Danna can’t become human form again, so her plans are able to carry on. Nova stole the amulet that Adrian had to protect herself from Agent N during her plan to infiltrate HQ.

All the action is just jam packed at the end of this book, Ace is discovered by Adrian’s team and taken back to HQ to be neutralised by Agent N because of one of Danna’s other butterflies trying to get herself free and become herself again but they haven’t yet found Danna’s trapped butterfly yet, Nova managed to infiltrate Renegades HQ as Nightmare and stole back Ace’s helmet, whereas the fight between Nightmare and Frostbite, Callum, Aftershock and Stingray caused the isolation area where Max was held to break and Max tries to stop Nightmare from hurting anyone but when Frostbite throws an ice spear and Nightmare she manages to dodge it only to find out Max was behind her, invisible trying to take her down so he ended up with the spear right through his stomach, Nightmare then takes the spear out and knocks out Frostbite so that Max can steal her powers to save himself. Nightmare runs and escapes as the Sentinel turns up to save Max.

This book is so intense right? We end with Adrian visiting Nova for comfort about Max AND IT JUST ENDS THERE.

I’m so desperate for book three right now, I just COOULD NOT BELIEVE it ended.. this one was just jam packed, it was a little shorter than Renegades but I wish it wasn’t now..

Have you read Renegades or Arch Enemies yet? Are you enjoying the series so far? :3

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