Illumicrate Unboxing | Oh So Criminal

August Illumicrate Unboxing : Oh So Criminal

Antagonist/Protagonist Necklace, a cute necklace, I might wear it at some point otherwise I’ll probably just use it for photos!

No Mourners, No Funerals Lanyard by @fableandblack – I probably won’t ever use this until YALC next year but will be super handy for then!

Sirius Snacks Coaster by @katieabey, I love this coaster, cute and quirky and I always need more HP merch in my life!

Darkdawn Nail File by @heyatlascreative, I like the nail file, I don’t usually use them but now I have one handy if I do!

Easiest Lies mirror by reveriesandink, this is a Holly Black quote, I don’t use mirrors but this is one of the firsts I actually like from a box!

Villains are my Bag tote bag, designed by @kdpletters, I’ve never heard of this saying before but I always like a new tote bag for my collection, I sometimes turn them into cushions but this won’t be the case for this one.

Gotham Sirens Print by jamilamehio, I LOOOVE this print, going to have this displayed nicely somewhere!

Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J Maas has pink sprayed edges! I already had a copy of the book which was signed so I traded this one away to a new home! I also already read the book, I really enjoyed it and I recommend it! You can find my review here.

Perfect Heist Candle by elvenwickcandles, this candle smells so so nice and if you click this link here >IMG_6407 you will see my huge fail of trying to boomerang taking the lid off of the candle!

Extras: (not pictured)

girl of paper and fire postcard, tempest and slaughter postcard, sisters of the winter wood sampler, harper 360 postcard, Catwoman bookmark.

I liked this box, I bought it on a whim as I really liked the theme and books the items would be based off of but I wasn’t overwhelmed with excitement for all of the items. So yeah, I like this box but I didn’t love it.

Did you get this box? What were your thoughts on it?

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