My Attempted Book Buying Ban

After my July book haul and getting like 60 odd books, I knew it was time to actually try and cut down on buying new books so I’m going to attempt a slight book buying ban! Except it’s not a proper book ban as I know for a fact I suck at real ones so heres what I’m going to do!

I’ve got to read at least FIVE or more of my TBR books before I’m allowed to buy a new book! However I’ve given myself exclusionsΒ πŸ˜‚Β it doesn’t include Harry Potter books because I’m still trying to find cheap copies of the new Chamber of Secrets and I’m also trying to get new copies of Throne of Glass series so that I can reread them for Kingdom of Ash..

I have no idea if I’ll be able to follow thorough with this but I’m going to damn well try! I’m going to try doing like small readathons with myself so like a standalone only readathon, one book left to finish the series readathon and so on.

To wrap up this means every five books that I read, I can buy just one book, hopefully this will be an okay way to cut down my TBR as well as it’s at like 200 books… h e l p m e.. it’s fine, I can do this.. maybe.. wish me luck!Β πŸ˜…

Let me know in the comments if you do book buying bans and if you have a good way of sticking to them as I’d love to know how you all do it!Β πŸ‘€

0 thoughts on “My Attempted Book Buying Ban

  1. I really like this idea! If you get to buy one only after reading five, your TBR is bound to get a little smaller. I have a bad habit of buying the equal amount of books (or a couple more πŸ™Š) as I read each month. Good luck!!

    1. That’s exactly what I thought, it’ll get smaller eventually! SAME! I’m so easily influenced to buy books especially new releases that my TBR just grows every month xD

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