The Mermaid by Christina Henry | REVIEW

Title: The Mermaid

Author: Christina Henry

Publisher: Titan Books

Genre: Fantasy/Re-imagining

My Rating: ★★★★★



Thank you to Lydia at Titan Books for kindly sending me a copy of this book to review!

His name was P.T Barnum, and he’d been looking for a mermaid.

The Mermaid is NOT a story about The Little Mermaid but about P.T Barnum, which you may have heard of after The Greatest Showman (which I still need to watch). This is a twist on Barnum’s ‘Fiji’ Mermaid hoax, as you may or may not know, Barnum had a museum which he added hoaxes too to try and gain money and he wanted someone to pretend to be a mermaid but in Christina Henry’s story, he actually found one. 

So this story is about a real life mermaid called Amelia, she fell in love with the fisherman who caught her (and let her go) and she decided to walk onto land to find him and be with him. But she didn’t age and he died and she became a widow with a secret. However one day a man shows up asking her if she wants to be part of a exhibit at the museum to pretend to be mermaid. At first she decided she doesn’t want to and sends him away again but then she changes her mind and swims around the coast to New York to find the exhibit.

Christina Henry is an author who writes dark re-imaginings of books, I’ve yet to read her Alice duology (based on Alice in Wonderland) but I can’t wait to grab a copy but I was lucky enough to also have a review copy of Lost Boy (based on Peter Pan but Captain Hook’s story) when it came out so I have reviewed that and you can find it here! 🙂 

I must say this book isn’t what I expected at all, because the author is well know for her dark reimagining I actually thought this would be a dark mermaid book of some kind but to be honest, it wasn’t an overly dark book or dark whatsoever but nonetheless I did enjoy it but out of the two that I’ve read, I do prefer Lost Boy.

I just flew through this book, I love a good mermaid story so I managed to finish this within a day! It’s not an overly long book, it’s 336 pages but I found that it was fast paced and an incredible story! It ended in such a perfect well rounded way that I wasn’t left with any questions whatsoever and I’m really looking forwards to seeing what Christina Henry will bring out next!

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