Intergalactic Bath Bomb | A Lush Review

IMG_5587Last time I reviewed the Turtle Bath Bomb from Lush and I asked you which you would like me to review next and this is the one that was chosen: Intergalactic. Its a gorgeous shade of blue with some pink and yellow inside and once it’s been dropped into the bath it looks absolutely STUNNING. It was so pretty I wish that the bath could forever stay warm so I never left and another bonus of this bath bomb… SPARKLES! I love sparkles and these ones didn’t all stick to me once I got out, I’ve got a nice amount of sparkles left on my skin.



This bath bomb was super relaxing to sit in however unlike the Turtle Bath Bomb that I used last time, it’s not a moisturising bath bomb, so don’t get this one if you’re looking for one to give you that extra for your skin, don’t get me wrong, I do feel nice and soft with a hint of glitter.  The water as you can see in the photos turned an amazing colour, I loved sitting in it, it’s one I will be getting again, it’s only £4.50 on their website. It also smelled really lovely, the grapefruit and peppermint really came through for it, not too overpowering.



This didn’t stain the bath however there is A LOT of glitter in this so you will probably need to rinse the bath out a bit more to get rid of it. I will definitely be getting this bath bomb again!

Below are the items that I have left that I can review, let me know which one you would like me to review next!:

  • Bath Bombs: Think Pink
  • Bubble Bar: Sunnyside
  • Lip Scrub: Bubblegum
  • Body Shimmer: Shimmy Shimmy
  • Soap: Maypole, Sultana







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