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I went into Lush at the beginning of July in Bournemouth and it was my first time in there and I got a tour of the shop and got to try out a few products in the shop, I have to say I came out of there feeling absolutely amazing and I even smelt good! So, because I had such an amazing experience I even picked up a few products which I’m going to use and slowly review them over time for you to see!

First up, I’ll tell you what products I got, three bath bombs which consisted of, Baby Turtle Jelly Bomb, Intergalactic Bath Bomb and Think Pink, I also got a Bubble Bar, Sunnyside, a Shimmy Shimmy, shimmer bar for your body those were the items I actually paid for, however the wonderful lady who gave me the tour added in a Bubblegum lip scrub which I love and also a couple of complimentary soaps which were Maypole & Sultana.



For this blog post we shall focus on the first bath bomb that I’ve used, this was an exclusive for Plastic Free July I believe (don’t quote me on this), this is the Baby Turtle Jelly Bomb. It contains natural ingredients and safe synthetics but it’s mostly natural which I think is amazing!


This came out a gorgeous green colour that slightly shimmers in the light, as shown below, but because it was jelly it was kind of slimy at first especially when I got in, I was worried I was gonna slip. Once I got in, it seemed to dissolve more and it was so so perfect! It smelled wonderful, not too strong and not too weak either. I have sensitive skin so it’s really difficult to get products that won’t irritate me and this left my skin feeling lovely, smooth, soft AND moisturized! Mine completely finished dissolving within roughly five minutes, once you get in, you can instantly feel the affect that it has on your skin, it’s nice and relaxing to sit in and for me, read a book!

I’ve seen and heard a lot of people worrying that Lush bath bombs will stain their bathtubs however I didn’t find this to be the case for this one whatsoever, there WERE some green jelly stuck on the side  but it easily washed away once I wiped it, it doesn’t stain your skin either! This product is £6.95 each on their website however I picked this up in store for £4.95 instead and it’s also sold out on their website as it’s an exclusive, which is a shame as it’s such a cute one! What I also love about Lush is the fact that they DON’T test their products on animals and how their ingredients are mostly natural!

Which item (from the list of products I bought) would you like me to review next? And is there any other information you would like me to include about the products etc next time? 🙂 Please let me know in the comments or over on Twitter/Instagram as any feedback is much appreciated!

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