July Owlcrate Unboxing!

This is my second owlcrate, I couldn’t not grab this box, the theme just drew me in and I knew I needed it! My box arrived super quickly and it actually turned up before my shipping email and I’m based in the UK! Compared to Fairyloot, I didn’t think the price was too bad, it’s a tiny bit more than Fairyloot but that’s only because of shipping, for me, this month I grabbed this box for £35.48, I did manage to get 15% off so it would roughly be £38.

img_5464.jpgThe theme for this box was Strange and Unusual, which sounded pretty awesome! It sounded right up my alley and I couldn’t not grab this box!


First up is the Miss Peregrine’s item which was a pennant flag designed by Risa Rodil! I’ve put mine up on my cork board to fill out some space!

TJ Lubrano has designed the loveliest Luna Lovegood vinyl sticker, it’s so cute, I love her art style!

Team Owlcrate included some spooky skull Push Pins which are absolutely perfect for my cork board as I was running out of pins!!


The Stranger Things item was this ADORABLE Eleven Keychain from Funko! I love this program and I love Eleven, I have taken the keychain out for the moment and I’m going to stand her up against my books somewhere! I’ve got far too many keys for her to go onto them aswell.

Aun-Juli Riddle created a whimsical art print which I can’t wait to put on my wall somewhere!!


Next is something I’m now addicted to, Ouija Board Mints from Boston America Corp, they’re adorable, I love them and I’ve been eating them all day. I love the tin and look at the little mints that are inside, aren’t they cute?


Reverie and Ink designed this gorgeous purse, it’s from The Raven Boy’s which I still need to read! It’s the perfect size for me and I’ve just about managed to get all my loyalty cards into it!

The book that was included was MY PLAIN JANE which I’ve been looking forwards to ever since I read My Lady Jane, the three ladies have made such an amazing twist on it that I’m intrigued about what they’re doing in this one! The book is actually signed by all three authors, there was also a letter included and this Thornfield Construction which is a contest you can take part in and get crafty!


I’m not grabbing August’s Owlcrate and this is because I’m a little bit broke and I already own two copies of the book and I know I don’t need a third, I know I could sell it but I can’t justify it! But here’s my referral code to Owlcrate! Did you get July’s Owlcrate, what did you think of it? Let me know!

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