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IMG_4243.jpgTitle: Just Don’t Mention It

Author: Estelle Maskame

Publisher: Ink Road Books/Black and White Publishing

Published: 21/06/2018

ISBN: 9781785301971

Genre: YA Contemporary

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

First of all, thank you Ink Road/Black & White Publishing for sending me a copy of this to read and review!

Hello! Welcome to my part of the blog tour! This book was heart wrenching and beautifully written, before diving into this book I hadn’t read the original trilogy for the Did I Mention I Love You? however when I got half way through this beauty I knew I had to read them as I also loved Estelle’s Dare To Fall which I reviewed last year!

Whilst reading this book, I did start thinking about another 2018 release that Ink Road did which was Nowhere Else But Here by Rachel Cotton, so if you enjoyed reading JDMI, I would definitely recommend you check out Rachel’s book!

The Blurb:

Tyler Bruce – hell raiser and bad boy – tells his story in his own words.

“And all that’s left is me. The Tyler who doesn’t know who he really is.”

At seventeen, Tyler Bruce is hot – a hot mess. His girlfriend is a knockout, his reputation untouchable, parties are nothing without him. Even his car is unreal. But inside Tyler is in ruins – and he’ll stop at nothing to keep that a secret.

Then one summer Eden comes to stay. She’s upfront, sharp and far more enticing that a stepsister should be. She also sees straight through Tyler’s bad boy façade… to the venerable kid within. The quiet kid who took all the punches. As Eden draws Tyler in, his defences start to crumble around him.

As irresistible and dazzling as its Californian backdrop. Just Don’t Mention It is Tyler’s story – his heart-stopping tale of past hurt, finding hope and figuring out who the hell he wants to be.

My Review:

Just Don’t Mention It is done from Tyler’s point of view, this is a story that gives us insight into the relationship that he had with his father and how that relationship effected him mentally as well as others around him.

This book switches between five years ago and present day. Five years ago, we see Tyler at aged 12 suffering through the domestic abuse that his father puts him through whereas the present day, we see Tyler at 17 years old, his father no longer present in his life and his mother remarried. Tyler has a step-sister that comes to stay for the summer, Eden, if you’ve read Did I Mention I Love You, you will already know who she is as that’s told at the same time as Just Don’t Mention It but from Eden’s perspective. Anyway, Tyler has a new step sister, who he tries to put up his walls and defences around but he finds that he’s letting them down so that Eden sees glimpse of who the real Tyler is and they slowly fall for each other.

I myself have not yet read Did I Mention I Love You? but whilst reading this book, I was so gripped by it that I knew I’d need to read the trilogy! If you’re like me and not read DIMILY and want to read Just Don’t Mention It, you can, this book can be read as a standalone if you wish to.

Estelle has written this book so beautifully and with the hard issues that have been faced in the book, I honestly think she’s got it perfectly. This is a book that I’ve been struggling to write a review for as it deserves to be praised.

One thing I can get across clearly is, you need to BUY THIS BOOK! It’s a book worth reading, heart wrenching, emotional and it does have its cute moments and the annoying ones where you want to scream at the characters, which I think we can all say, happens in a lot of books.. It’s a refreshing read, I’ve honestly not read anything like this, I’ve never read a book where step siblings fall in love with each other, it’s realistic, I mean it does happen!

I highly recommend this book, however please be wary if you choose to read this especially if domestic abuse triggers you. Links to Goodreads and places to buy this book will be at the bottom of this review! 🙂

“I know I can’t tell anyone. Ever” – Because of the serious physical abuse that his father put him through, Tyler didn’t want to ruin his mums happiness or tear his family apart. He felt that he couldn’t tell anyone about the abuse that he was going through, everyone believed he was just clumsy, constantly injuring himself by falling down the stairs, getting out the shower. Even after his father is finally locked away, Tyler feels as though he has to keep his abuse a secret otherwise he thinks he will be labeled as ‘weak’. Because of this, Tyler suffers major mental anguish, finding other ways to get himself help by drinking excessively and taking drugs to numb himself from the pain.

Below are a few numbers that you can call if you are in any way affected by the issues that are explored throughout this book the following helplines are there to help you and are available to offer free advice, help and support, they will listen to you in confidence.

Childline: Call 0800 1111 or go to childlike.org to talk confidentially to an online counsellor 24/7.

Samaritans: Call 116 123, or you can drop in to a walk-in centre or email a listener. You don’t have to be suicidal to contact them; you can just talk about how you feel.

NSPCC: Call 0808 800 5000 to talk to a helpline counsellor 24/7

Domestic Violence Helpline: Call 0808 2000 247 to talk to a helpline counsellor 24/7.


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About the author:


Estelle Maskame is the young author of the Did I Mention I Love You? series, and the standalone Dare To Fall. She has built a passionate, loyal fanbase around the world for her YA fiction, with rights sold in 17 territories, and readers eagerly awaiting Just Don’t Mention It. Estelle won the Young Scots Art Award in 2016, and was shortlisted for the Young Adult award at the Romantic Novel of the Year Awards. Estelle grew up in the fishing town of Peterhead, where she lives with her family.



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