YALC 2018!

YALC is jut over one week away and drawing closer and I am not even in the least bit prepared for it! (I’m going on the Saturday!) I’ve been once before about three years ago however I had food poisoning and had to leave early πŸ™

Here are the authors that I’m hoping to meet! Books in bold are books that I need to buy AND read and the books that are in italics are books I own and need to read.. but I doubt that I will.

  • Keris Stainton – One Italian Summer/My Heart Goes Bang
  • Frances Hardinge – Skinful Shadows/Lie Tree/Cuckoo Song
  • Melinda Salisbury – Floored/Sin Eaters Daughter Trilogy/State Of Sorrow
  • Holly Bourne – Floored/It Only Happens In The Movies/Am I Normal Yet? Trilogy/Soulmates
  • Tomi Adeyemi – Children of Blood and Bone
  • Sasha Alsberg – Zenith
  • Samantha Shannon – Bone Season/Mime Order
  • Giovanna and Tom Fletcher – Eve of Man
  • Dhonielle Clayton – The Belles
  • Laura Dockrill – Big Bones/Lorali
  • Laura Steven – Exact Opposite of Okay

As you can tell, I need to read a lot of these however I know I won’t be able to read them all in time for YALC, maybe one or two as I have review books that need to be read also.. the main author which I’m hoping to meet is Tomi Adeyemi, I loved CoBaB so SO much, I’m taking four copies with me to be signed… I also don’t plan on taking ALL of these books as that would be like 28 books, I’m definitely going to take the ones I’ve read and loved but I’ll make a blog post closer to the time on what books I’ll actually be taking!

Alongside these books I might take a few that I’m unhauling to put in the book swap area! (I believe that there is one..) but if you’re going to YALC and you want to know what books I’m unhauling, message me to see what I have and I’ll bring them for you!

I’m taking a small suitcase to carry these around but I’m also taking a few tote bags incase this isn’t enough as there are arcs to grab and obviously books to buy!!! I was going to cosplay as Wonder Woman but I can no longer be bothered as I know it’s going to be so hot I just want to wear something that is cool and comfortable, so I’m probably going to wear shorts, a t-shirt and some flat shoes as it’s going to be a lot of walking and standing in queues.

Are you going to YALC this year? If so, who are you most excited to meet?

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  1. I’m going on the Saturday too! I’m mostly excited for Becky Chambers, and wondering if I have enough time to reread her second book before next weekend.

      1. Awesome! I would definitely recommend her books, particularly if you like smart but quite ‘light’ SF. And I will definitely have to pick up CoBaB!

  2. I loved My Heart Goes Bang sooo much, it’s a really fun read about a group of girls at university. I’m taking my copy to get signed. I’m also hoping to get COBAB signed, I need to read it this week! And Eve of Man definitely.

  3. I’m going on Saturday too! I’m planning to see Holly, Melinda and Samantha too, read Floored if you haven’t managed to already, I really liked it. Also, did you know that Holly’s new book will be pre-sold there, I’m so excited.
    I totally get you with the cosplay though, I did it the first time I went back in 2016 as a Slytherin from HP and yeah, it was super hot, so knowing how the weather’s been lately not dressing up is probably a smart decision.

    1. I managed to read Floored over the weekend and I loved it! Yes, it’s on my list of books to grab while I’m there πŸ™Š I went in shorts a while back and I was still hot πŸ˜‚ I’m expecting it to be super stuffy in there as well!

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