May Fairyloot | Unboxing

May: Save The Kingdom



Exclusive Fear Book Sleeve designed by Reverie & Ink


This book sleeve is a quote from Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember In The Ashes, I have read this but I’ve forgotten so much about it that I want to reread it when I’m able to grab the new editions 🙂





Five other items include, Exclusive Wyrd Mark Page Flags by Fictiontea Designs, I’ve always wanted to try marking my books in some way and this will be a great way to do so!

Exclusive Weapon Coaster designed by Evie Bookish, I’ve not read the trilogy yet so I don’t know the quote but I’m looking forwards to starting it!

Exclusive Remnant Vegan Lip Scrub from Geeky Clean which is based from the Remnant Chronicles (Kiss of Deception) I’m not too keen on this as I don’t really use these sort of things, so will probably be selling it!

Exclusive Norgard Vegan Bath Bomb from Little Hearts Gifts, I’ve already used this and I love a bath bomb! My only wish is that it could’ve been a different colour, I love bath bombs that change the water colour.

Save The Kingdom Tea from The Tea Leaf Co, I’m British so obviously I’m a massive tea drinker but these are leaves and I don’t have a strainer and I don’t want to buy one really…



My favourite bonus is the Legendary card!! There were four different types that could’ve been included and I’ve managed to collect three of them so far and I’m desperately searching for The Shattered Crown card so if you’ve got that one and don’t want it, hit me up!

Also included was this Smoke In The Sun bookmark which is the sequel to Flame In The Mist which was included in a Fairyloot last year!


Onyx and Ivory by Mindee Arnett, I’ve been so hyped for this booook! I’m so happy that Fairyloot included it and it has BLACK SPRAYED EDGES HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Also included was a signed book plate which I’ve already put in, a sticker and the author letter which doubles as a print 🙂


Overall, I really liked this Fairyloot, however I’m not gonna use the tea or scrub and I don’t think it compares to their April one but I’m really looking forwards to their June one, it’s including so many items based on books I love!


Did you get this Fairyloot? What did you think? Are you getting June’s box? 🙂

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    1. I’m just gonna sell mine I think as I don’t think anyone I know will want it! 😮 don’t like tea?! that’s okay! I only like normal tea, don’t know why there’s so many flavours now 😂

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