The Crown’s of Croswald by D.E Night | REVIEW


Title: The Crowns of Croswald

Author: D. E. Night

Publisher: Stories Untold Press

Published: 21st July 2017

Genre: YA/MG Fantasy

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐



Thank you to D. E. Night and Stories Untold Press for sending me a beautiful copy of this book in exchange for a review!

This was quite an enjoyable read, I’ve given it a four stars instead of five as it took a me a couple of chapters before I was fully hooked on the book, once I really got into it I didn’t want to put it down, I look forwards to reading more about Ivy Lovely and friends in the next instalment in this series.

This story is filled with magic and reminds me a bit of Harry Potter, there were comparisons that I just couldn’t help make as I read through the book, there are good plot twists throughout the book things you might not see coming, it was fast paced and had some lovable characters and wonderful world building! The author is a character in the book which I thought was good.

In this book we follow the main character Ivy Lovely who is a scullery maid at a castle that has a magical boundary so that it seperates the magical and the mundane. However when Ivy finally leaves the castle her powers that she didn’t know she really had have come alive and Ivy is whisked off to Halls of Ivy, a school where students learn how to use their powers and Ivy learns how to become a Scrivener! When Ivy’s magic and her life is suddenly threatened by the Dark Queen, she has to learn about who she is and her history.

I’m excited to read the next book which I’m not sure when it’ll be released yet but I look forwards to it nonetheless and I definitely recommend this book if you enjoyed Harry Potter, though there are comparisons you can make, it is it’s own unique story! Have you read this yet? If so let me know what you thought about it! 🙂

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