Winter Biannual Bibliothon!

I have decided I will be taking part in the Winter Biannual Bibliothon, this is hosted by an array of BookTubers! This will run from Saturday 20th January until Friday 26th January!

There are 7 different challenges that you can partake in, they will be listed below! You can double up on a challenge but you cannot triple up.


Challenge #1 – Group Read Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kristin Miller so that if you wish you can join in on the live show on Saturday 27th!

I’m not going to be doing that challenge as I have already read Otherworld back when it first came out.

Challenge #2 – Read a Sequel!

For this one I have chosen Kitty Hawk and The Tragedy of the RMS Titanic by Iain Reading, this is the forth book in the Kitty Hawk Detective Agency series, for me it’s also a review book!

Challenge #3 – Read a Book You’ve Not Heard of Before!

For this, I am just going to pick one that is on my bookshelf that I don’t know a lot about as I don’t have any money to just grab a new book – plus I have plenty on my bookcase to choose from! Therefore I have chosen Unknown by Wendy Higgins, I actually recently bought this as I didn’t know these even existed! I adored Wendy Higgin’s Sweet Evil trilogy and The Great Hunt – I’ve not read the second one for this yet!

Challenge #4 – Mental Illness – a book that is about mental illness or the main character has a mental illness.

After staring at my bookcase for ages, I don’t own many books about Mental Illness but I saw History is all You Left Me by Adam Silvera!

Challenge #5 – A Book That Has Been Mentioned in a Book/TV/Movie!

I have chosen Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone which was mentioned in The Gilmore Girls!

Challenge #6 – A Book That Is Under 200 Pages!

This was INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT! Most of the books on my bookshelf are over 200 pages, I realised I only had like 4 that were under 200… it was a choice of two Michael Morpurgo books, The Worst Witch or Unboxed byNon Pratt – I went with Unboxed! It’s 139 pages, it’s also got quite big writing so it’s extremely easy to read!

Challenge #7 – A Book That Was Published Before 2017

For this one I might double up with Challenge #5 if I don’t get around to reading another book, but if I do it will be Cinder by Marissa Meyer!

To conclude I will be reading:

  1. Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic by Iain Reading – 216 pages
  2. Unknown by Wendy Higgins – 323 pages
  3. History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera – 292 pages
  4. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J K Rowling – 332 pages
  5. Unboxed by Non Pratt – 139 pages
  6. Cinder by Marissa Meyer – 387 pages

1,689 pages altogether! I might read these in page length order so, Unboxed then Kitty Hawk etc.

If by some miracle I actually finish ALL of these books before the readathon is over, below are some of the books I might start/finish!

  1. Secrets in the Ice by Atlanta Bushnell (this I have started!) – 455 pages
  2. Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu – 250 pages
  3. The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert – 355 pages
  4. Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron (arc) – 279 pages

I will be updating my progress mainly on Instagram which is @niffler_reads if you wish to follow me! (I follow back all bookstagram accounts!)

Are you planning on taking part in this readathon? If so, what do you have on your TBR?

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