Review Policy

** as of 12/08/2018

Review Policy

I am happy to hear from anyone about review opportunities, whether you’re self published or a publisher. However please keep in mind that I may not read the book straight away, it may take me a maximum of three months for me to review your book, though I do try and make review books a priority to read but sometimes I might have a few books to go through first. Bare in mind, reading and reviewing for me is a hobby and I do have a job and things to do outside of it sadly.

You may pitch me any kind of book as I love hearing about new books that are around that may not be so popular or I haven’t heard of yet. When you contact me (I will leave contact details at the end of this post.) about your pitch please include the books title, author, a summary, publisher and release date.

My reviews will always be 100% honest and I am allowed to decline your book if I so wish.

Genres I Love To Read

YA – Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Retellings, Paranormal, Contemporary and Dystopian.

As above you can see that I will mainly read YA/Teen books as these are my favorites, I may read middle-grade and adult books as well, so I’m happy for you to pitch it to me regardless.

Book Format

Please understand, that I can now only read physical books, I’m sorry for this but I just cannot read e-books any longer due to my eye condition.

Blog Tours/Author Interviews/Guest Post/Giveaways

I’m happy to participate in Blog Tours, Author Interviews and/or Guest Posts if you wish to do so. I’m also happy to do giveaway’s, whether it’s in cooperation with a publicist/publishers or author.


I will happily accept ARCs to review, ARC’s might take longer for me to read as I might wait until closer to the release date to publish a review, though this might not always be the case. Once I have finished the ARC, I will either keep it, trade it or do a giveaway. I WILL NEVER SELL ARCS.

Contacting Me

You can contact me at – please do not spam me. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or books to review.

Other Info

Aside from publishing a review on this blog, I can also add to Goodreads, Waterstones etc. I will happily do this if asked.

I will always write in my review if I received a copy via you or your publicist, I also add links in my review of where to purchase the book in the UK and US.

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