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The Blurb:

When fairy tale obsessed Lottie Pumpkin starts at the infamous Rosewood Hall, she is not expecting to share a room with the Crown Princess of Maradova, Ellie Wolf. Due to a series of lies and coincidences, 14-year-old Lottie finds herself pretending to be the princess so that Ellie can live a more normal teenage life.

Lottie is thrust into the real world of royalty – a world filled with secrets, intrigue and betrayal. She must do everything she can to help Ellie keep her secret, but with school, the looming Maradovian ball and the mysterious new boy Jamie, she’ll soon discover that reality doesn’t always have the happily ever after you’d expect…

Title: Undercover Princess

Author: Connie Glynn

Publisher: Penguin Books

First Published: 02/11/2017        This Edition: 02/11/2017

Started: 11/11/17       Finished: 12/11/2017         Pages: 375

Genre: YA, Fantasy.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I received an e-arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for a review.

be kind, be brave, be unstoppable.”

I must admit that this is a slightly late review for this book as it came out at the beginning of November and I should’ve gotten around to it sooner but I wasn’t in the mood to constantly read review books so I kinda got off track…

From what I’ve seen on Goodreads reviews for this book, it doesn’t seem like many people actually enjoyed this however I absolutely ADORED reading this book. I realise some people might read this book and see that it’s cliché but I thought it was a cute read and I loved the characters!

This story is about two girls, Lottie Pumpkin, an ordinary girl from Cornwall who loves princesses and Ellie Wolf, an actual princess. They both end up sharing a room at Rosewood Hall where Lottie gets in on scholarship because she doesn’t come from money and Ellie just wants to try and blend in so that she can have a bit more of an ordinary life before having to become the princes.. We mainly read this from Lottie Pumpkin’s point of view but occasionally you get to read some of Ellie’s P.O.V and also Jamie’s. The two girls pretty much end up swapping identities as the students in the school mistakes Lottie for being the undercover princess, it remains this way after Lottie finds out it was really Ellie so that she can help Ellie live a more ordinary life and Lottie’s dream can pretty much come true by playing princess, however someone in Rosewood Hall knows their secret and is sending threatening messages so the two girls end up trying to figure out who it just might be.

For me this story just flew by, I couldn’t put it down I enjoyed it so much! I loved reading along and joining in on Ellie and Lottie’s year at Rosewood Hall! The book itself even has a BEAUTIFUL cover. It leaves you with questions and wanting more so therefore I highly recommend this book and I for one cannot wait for the second instalment in the series.

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