Secrets in the Ice by Atlanta Bushnell | REVIEW

Title: Secrets in the Ice                    Author: Atlanta Bushnell

Published: 12th August 2017         Pages: 455

My Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 



Last year, the lovely Atlanta Bushnell contacted me to ask if I could review her book Secrets in the Ice! I was so happy to be able to do so as I loved the first book which she kindly sent me a couple years ago. I have reviewed the first book, Rise of the Erifs, which you can find here.

Secrets in the Ice is the second book in The Fire Song Chronicles, the first being Rise of the Erifs! In the first book we meet Prince Torin and Prince Jaydar the two of the main characters who are from Latainia, and their planet has been taken over and ruled by Erifs, who are now in this book seeking an alliance from Klemenite to help come together and defeat the Erifs who have taken over their home.

However, King Orral of Klemenite, has given Prince Torin and his friends an impossible task to gain the treaty, he wants the head of the shewolf. The leader of a mysterious wolf clan that is rumoured to be bloodthirsty and ruthless killers. The supposedly beast of the forest, anyone who enters their territory are never heard or seen again. Torin and his friends are determined to find the myth of the beast and gain the alliance that is needed to defeat the Erifs!

This book was so good that I can barely put it into words, I adored it and I want more! I got sucked back into this world and enjoying the ride alongside the characters, it’s been a fun read. In the first book, we were based on Latainia, Earth and Keppar and in this book we are on Kleminate trying to fight back against the Erifs and in the third book we’re going to Timedelle and I can’t wait to jump back into the series when it comes out!

I absolutely loved this instalment into this series, it was filled with so much action and adventure, it was brilliant, fast paced and filled with new characters and seeing development with older characters, I love Atlanta’s writing style and I can’t wait for the third book in the series to see where it takes them! I’m sad that the story is over for now, so the third book is extremely anticipated for me.

If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy books, I defiantly recommend this series for sure! I believe that this is a YA series but I think Middle Grade readers would also enjoy this! For more information or to buy copy, links are below:

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