The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook | REVIEW

Blurb: Skye Thorn has given tarot-card readings for years. But now her psychic visions have taken a serious turn and she is helping local police find a missing girl. The thing is, Skye’s readings have always been faked (obviously), but she has insider knowledge about this crime. What started as a supposedly harmless prank is now spiralling out of control.

Can Skye undo what she has started – or is it too late?

Title: The Hanging Girl

Author: Eileen Cook

Publisher: Hot Key Books

First Published: 19th October 2017

This Edition: 19th October 2017

Date Started: 08/10/2017         Date Finished: 08/10/2017       Pages: 309

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I got a copy of this book via Readers First in exchange for an honest review!                  This book will be released 19th October 2017!

The Hanging Girl is the second book that I’ve read by Eileen Cook, With Malice, being the first, I wasn’t so keen on With Malice, it was exciting and intriguing but I was let down a little bit, so when I saw this I thought that I would give Eileen’s books another try, and I have to say this one was much better!

This book is a YA, Thriller, Mystery which is one of my favourite genres as I love becoming Sherlock trying to figure some things out myself, I throughly enjoyed this book and flew through it within about four hours, its the right length being just over 300 pages so it isn’t too long or too short!

I got into this book quite quickly, it draws you in so that you end up being gripped by the book in need to know what’s happening, to me this book was fast paced. We follow a girl named Skye who reads tarot cards to people even though she knows it’s fake she reads people and has inside access to information about them, when the kidnapping happens Skye also has inside knowledge of the crime to help the police find the missing girl, we find out just how much knowledge she knows and why. With Skye needing cash fast to go to New York with her best friend in just a few months, even with her job, Skye hasn’t been able to save any money to join her friend which is why Skye takes part in what she thinks is just a harmless prank. For me, the ending of this book was satisfying though I do believe some people might have wanted a slightly different ending but I think it’s a well rounded ending!

So all in all, this was a good fast paced read and I definitely recommend this book if you enjoy YA Thrillers, it’s a good enjoyable read, links below to find out more about this book and to buy it.

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