If Birds Fly Back by Carlie Sorosiak 

Back in February I was given a proof copy of this book by My Kinda Book, this book will be published on the 29th June 2017 by Macmillian.

The Blurb:

Linny has been living life in black and white since her sister Grace ran away, and she’s scared that Grace might never come back.

When Linny witnesses the return to Miami of a cult movie star long presumed dead, she is certainly it’s a sign. Surely Álvaro Herrera, of all people, can tell her why people come back – and how to bring her sister home?

Sebastian has come to Miami seeking his father, a man whose name he’s only just learned. An aspiring astrophysicist, he can tell Linny how many galaxies there are, how much plutonium weighs and how likely she is to be struck by ameteorite. Bit none of the theories he knows are enough to answer his own questions about why his father abandoned him, why it left him in pieces.

As Sebastian and Linny coverage around the mystery of Álvaro’s disappearance – and return – their planets start to collide. Linny life is about to become technicolor, but finding the answers to her questions might mean losing everything that matters.

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I gave this book a 5/5 stars, I absolutely loved this book, I don’t actually read a lot of contemporary books but this is one of my favourites. This book was such an amazing read and I actually want to know a bit more about what happened at the end!

This story has two POV, Linny and Sebastian. Once Sebastian finds out who his father is he flies out to Miami and volunteers at an old peoples home where he meets Linny. Linny’s sister Grace is missing and Linny is trying to find a way to bring her back home and when a writer who had been missing for three years turns up out of the blue, she thinks she can find a way to bring her sister home.

Linny and Sebastian fall for each other and there are so many cute moments of them together! This book is wonderful, heartbreaking and beautifully written. If you liked Jennifer Niven and Nicola Yoon you will probably like this book, going through the motions and reading about family, loss, grief, heartbreak and love. Once this book comes out, I definitely recommend anyone who enjoys YA contemporary to pick this up. Below are websites leading to places you can order this book! (OUT 29TH JUNE 2017)

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