Soundless by Richelle Mead review.

The Blurb: One girl hears a call to action.

For as long as Fei can remember, there has been no sound in her village. Her people are at the mercy of a mysterious faraway Kingdom, which delivers food in return for precious metals mined from the treacherous cliffs surrounding them.

When villagers begin to lose their sight, their rations shrink and many go hungry. Fei’s home, the boy she lives and her entire existence are plunged into crisis, under threat of darkness and starvation. 

Until one night Fei is awoken by a searing noise, and sound becomes her weapon…


I’ve only Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series and started reading the Bloodlines series as well and ever since I’ve wanted to read other works that she has done but I’ve only just gotten around to getting my hands on two different ones, one being The Glittering Court which I have not yet started but seems up my alley because I love The Selection series and I enjoy those types of books. The other book that I picked up of hers is Soundless. 

Now, this book does not get the love that it deserves whatsoever and that saddens me, Soundless has an average rating on Goodreads to be 3.36 stars and it’s genre is under YA romance, fantasy, mythology so this I maybe don’t agree with 100% I mean there is only slight fantasy aspects to it the same with mythology, however I did not pick this book up thinking it was high on the fantasy side at all. 

So this book is about a girl named Fei and for generations everybody in her village are deaf – I mean completely. Then one day Fei is suddenly able to hear things but doesn’t quite realise this straight away. There are different jobs or I suppose ranks? In the village, there are the Elders, the artists, servants, cooks, miners (I don’t know if I’ve missed any out or not at the moment), so the miners, go into the mines (obviously) and they go to get metal, they do this because this is like the currency to them, – I should add they live on top of a very high mountain – and they exchange the metals by going to a zip line that they have which goes to the Line Keeper in a town at the very bottom of the mountains, so in return they get some food. They don’t get a lot but they have to ration it. OH going back to ranks real quick, there are also beggars that can’t do anything whatsoever because they are blind AND deaf. Anyway moving on again, they get a message from the line keeper saying that they won’t get any extra food no matter what they ask for. So Fei and (I’m not going to reveal too much) the boy that she loves climb down the mountain one night to get to the town below only to discover secrets that will change her village forever but to do so she must be able to get back to her village to save them – and this is where I’m going to end this, because you’ll have to read it yourself. 

Now there isn’t a lot of action in this book, so don’t go into this expecting a lot or any sword fights or any kind of fight, there is very little action. 

One thing I do have to say about this book is that this book revolves around deafness, now I haven’t read any other book (none that come to me at this moment anyway) that involve any kind of deafness, but it’s refreshing because me, myself, I am deaf. (not completely, I can still hear but I will struggle sometimes.) I think there needs to be more books on deafness, I don’t require a fantasy book on it, though it would be more badass thinking about it. We always get books on mental health but what about when people are dealing with being deaf? I know it’s not the same as anxiety or depression but I got bullied for being deaf that I was so incredibly insecure about it, I stopped wearing a hearing aid during my high school years so many people didn’t know about it, even some of my teachers forgot all about it. I’ll stop babbling about myself and my high school life here and go back to the book, it was a nice change to read and I do recommend it I really do, it was a great read and I wish there were more similar to it, (if you do know any YA books about deaf people and recommend them, let me know!) the cover of this book is nice and it kind of drew me in. I started this review as a nice, short and simple but somehow I rallied off! I love Fei’s character and her development to regaining her hearing, her strength and the way she fought to try and save her village, the romance in this book is also just right, to me it didn’t fill up a lot of the book with all those romantic moments or any love triangles! If you loved Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy though this is not the same go ahead and give it a try, I do hope that it gets more love one day.

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