One Italian Summer by Keris Stainton

I recieved a copy of this book from Readers First! 😊

The Blurb:
It’s been a year since Milly, Elyse and Leonie’s dad died, and a year since their last trip to Rome. Summer’s here again, and once again they are heading with their mum to Italy – but what’s it going to be like going without Dad? Rome still holds its familiar charms – the sun is still as warm, the gelato as delicious, the people as welcoming. But nothing is quite as it once was … 

With grief still raw for all of them, Milly is facing the additional awfulness of having to see Luke again – gorgeous, gorgeous Luke, who she had a fling with last year, and who she made a total fool of herself with – or so she thinks. What’s going to happen this time? What’s more, things between Milly, her sisters and their mum are rocky – Leonie is being tempestuous and unpredictable, Elyse is caught up with her new boyfriend, and Milly feels like she just doesn’t know how she fits in any more. 

Over one Italian summer, can Milly find a way back to the life she once had? 

I have absolutely zero faults with this book, it’s filled with summer, romance, loss and heartbreak. To begin with, the books synopsis reminded me of Morgan Matson’s book called Second Chance Summer.

I’d barely made it 100 pages in before I had probably cried at least 5 times, it’s incredibly heartbreaking and sad but this book is absolutely wonderful, the story about three sisters and their mum coping a year after their dad’s death where they all fly out to Rome to attend their Aunt Alice’s wedding and during the holiday they finally talk and process their fathers death and learn how to cope without their dad. I loved going through the motions with our main character Milly, the ups and downs, love, happiness and sadness. Keris Stainton’s writing for this book was perfect, she captured all the characters in such a perfect way and the story that she told was done right. 

One Italian Summer deserves 5/5 stars, it was beautifully done and has a gorgeous cover. I recommend if you want to enjoy a nice heartbreaking summery romance and if you enjoyed books by Rainbow Rowell, John Green and Morgan Matson but a fair warning… You might cry!

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