House of Mountfathom by Nigel McDowell

The Blurb:

The House of Mountfathom. A place of wonder, magic and mystery. A house with doors that lead to faraway places, where Shape-Shifting and Smoke-Summoning are as commonplace as the rising and setting of the sun.

Luke is the son of the noble house with a magical education to fulfil; Killian, a sharp-tongued street urchin with an agenda of his own. Together the pair will have to tread a unique and brave path if they are to save the House of Mountfathom and preserve the very piece of the land…

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I gave this book a 4/5 stars!

The House of Mountfathom has such an amazing cover and I was instantly drawn to it, however this book’s plot isn’t what I originally thought it was but I enjoyed it nonetheless, on the cover there is dragons and a cat and both I thought would be heavily in the book but sadly there is little mention of either.

The story is a little slow to begin with so sadly it was a bit hard to actually get myself into the story but it did pick up!

I enjoyed reading about the adventure that Luke goes on, and his life learning about magic and magnify, (which if you are a fan of Harry Potter, is like animagus) which is pretty cool! I like the character development which we see Killian go through from his past life to how he is at the end of the book, he reminded me a bit of Killian from Once Upon A Time so I imagined him as him but younger.

I definitely recommend this book if you like Harry Potter but don’t expect anything too much like Harry Potter, it is a different kind of Magic! It’s set in Ireland during 1920’s, we see how Luke has grown from a baby to a 16 year old (I think that’s how old he is at the end, not 100% sure though) but do give it a try, you just remember to push through the beginning if you find it slow!

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